Welcome to
The Anam Cara Program

     In Ireland there is the ancient tradition of the anam cara, the soul friend,  a special relationship of love, trust and belonging. Through the sanctuary of this relationship’s compassion and wise counsel, one’s essential nature could flower and spirit find its true course.

     The Anam Cara Program offers such a sanctuary in a 2 year, 10 weekend program. The program is transformational in nature, designed the bring the depth of knowledge of the self and life that would have been provided by elders in a traditional culture. Participants will

  • join a community of people developing the social foundation of sustainable living
  •  significantly increase self knowledge, developing wholeness, awareness, intuition and compassion 
  • receive in-depth experiential training in depth psychology, energy healing and Celtic tradition.
  • heal old traumas and patterns that keep them from living a full and satisfying life
  • Develop a deeply personal relationship with Spirit 
  •  become grounded in a sacred relationship to All of Life that is essential for sustainable living and decision making. 
  • restore the indigenous skills of your ancestors to again become a "real human being".
  • be able to be of service to your family, community and the Earth in the challenging times ahead.

     Anam Cara Healing assists clients in their healing challenges with a highly effective integrated system of energy medicine.
    If you have further questions, please call Nancy at (907) 235-4770 or email